TTEC-November 14 2020

TTEC is recruiting Customer Service Reps. Hiring from all US states EXCEPT CA, CO, HI, IL or NY.

No college required. The main requirements are a HS diploma or equivalent and at least six months of customer experience.

It’s not clear from the listing if these openings are full-time, part-time, or both. If we hear more we’ll update!

Per their job post on Indeed, pay is between $12.75 and $15 per hour.


The Equipment You’ll Need

Your own computer with the following technical requirements:

  • Ability to hardwire (ethernet) direct to your home router during your at home employment
  • Dual Monitors recommended
  • A dedicated telephone (landline) or smart phone/device is required at all times during employment
  • USB Headset
  • SSD drive to access our systems